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Traden is the first Peer-to-Peer platform of its kind in North America with the vision of providing a connected community of traders and avid investors who are participating in the capital markets and does so through providing an informational and supportive community for both novice and existing traders. Until now, traders from all backgrounds have struggled to find credible sources to assist them in making smarter and faster investment decisions. Traden fills this void by offering a streamlined communications platform for the purpose of sharing investment ideas and trading alongside credible investing professionals while offering a platform for collaboration, education, and managed investing.

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We connect tradërs.

Traden is a social trading community allowing traders to invest in stocks, options, and currencies. We provide a unique trading and learning experience from which traders are provided hands-on experience alongside professionals. Breaking the status quo of individual trading they’re learning and making a trading decision on their own.

Traden combines interactive user generated educational content and a social community of trading teams to create the world's first social trading community. We provide various methods of education and support from our community; Posting trade/investment ideas, trading alongside credible traders, premium education, team collaboration software, and funding.

Trading Courses

By providing traders with trading courses taught by Traden accredited traders, our members have access to knowledge at their finger tips.


Our trading advisor tracks performance and risk appetite, thus giving members an inside look on their performance and possible investment ideas.

Market Data

Members have access to live market data and economic events.

Live Trading

Members can access the live forex market with the technical tools developed by peers and coders. MT4 & Web Trader available.


Members have access to Chatrooms across different asset classes. Based on group and commonalities, traders are directed to their peers.


Members are ranked on our leaderboard based on interaction, engagement and trading performance. Leaders can earn an income by teaching and supporting sub-communities.